Living the Journey

I recall the first time I saw the phrase “live the journey” and pondered the implications. What does it really mean to not only embark upon this journey of discovery, but to make the most of every step along the way?

To me it means to acknowledge every nuance in the inevitable transitions: To savor every glorious moment of my becoming, and to accept, without hesitation or regret, the many revelations that each successive encounter grants me.  It means to experience with awe and reverence the many changes that this journey brings forth, and to grow and evolve according to the instincts at the very core of my being.

It is to be awakened to suppressed feelings, and to embrace them as one would an old friend.  It is to look into the most unforgiving of mirrors, and accept with humility what is revealed there.  It is to learn about the true meaning of unconditional trust, and about what a priceless gift it is to both give and receive.  It is to acquire an understanding of the countless variations on this journey, and make peace with the notion that each person’s is entirely unique.

It is to struggle with indecision, and find solace in acceptance. It is to refuse envy, and celebrate individual success.  It is to reach out to fellow travelers, and find points of commonality.  It is to understand the nature of this journey, and realize that it is likely to be without a final destination. Living the journey is to continue becoming until I take my final breath.

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